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Onstream Gallery is the online art gallery where you can discover and purchase original artwork by emerging artists.

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When searching the Internet for a fine art painting to hang in your new home or a piece of art to give as a gift for a special occasion, you may come across two types of websites.

Large marketplaces, where it is possible to have access to a wide range of artworks, in various styles and price ranges.

Or the more or less large art galleries that have decided to move from their physical spaces to the online world and are organising their own shops.

Onstream Gallery might seem to be somewhere in between these two realities, or even one of the two.

But that is not the case.

Onstream Gallery is the digital place where you can visit and experience an art exhibition just like in a museum or gallery. But it is also the online space where you can buy the work of the emerging artist you have just discovered in the exhibition.

The web is our exhibition space, our home: this is where we propose emerging artists, where we organise exhibitions about them and with them, and where you can make a difference, you can support them.

Onstream Gallery aims to create a Community made of emerging artists from all over the world and people like you, who want to know, support and love them.


Using the web as an exhibition space to offer a new way to enjoy and buy art online.


To create a new generation of collectors who are aware of and love emerging art, in every corner of the world.

Chiara Gesualdo - Founder and Curator @ Onstream Gallery SRLS


Chiara Gesualdo

Art Historian and Curator.

Her Master's degree in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture at Westminster University in London allowed her to enter the Art Market sector at an early stage.

He worked at several English Art Galleries before deciding to return to Italy and embark on the road of digital art entrepreneurship.

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