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5VIE Design Week 2023: Discover the World of Design among Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability!

Design for Good: the common thread of 5VIE Design Week 2023

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April 21, 2023

5VIE Design Week 2023 is a must-attend event for all lovers of design, innovation and sustainability. This review, dedicated to design takes place in the heart of Milan during Milan Design Week, in the famous 5VIE district, which is distinguished by its historic streets and artisan workshops. During this week, the city is transformed into an international stage, hosting exhibitions, events and workshops involving professionals, students and industry enthusiasts.

The theme chosen for this year is"Design for Good," an invitation to use design as a means of creating deep human connections and sustainability based on mutual care. The theme emphasizes the importance of humanity and caring for each other and the environment around us.

Creativity: a key element in 5VIE Design Week

Creativity is one of the fundamental pillars of 5VIE Design Week. During the event, emerging and established designers have the opportunity to showcase their talents and innovative visions, creating surprising and unique solutions. The art installations presented range from sculpture to architecture, from interior design to fashion, offering a comprehensive panorama of the contemporary design world.

Innovation: the driving force behind modern design

Innovation is another crucial element of 5VIE Design Week. Featuring cutting-edge companies and start-ups, the event offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and technologies in the design industry. Attendees will enjoy presentations and demonstrations of revolutionary products, ranging from sustainable materials and smart lighting solutions to the most innovative applications in virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Sustainability: an increasingly important goal in the world of design

Sustainability is now a priority in the world of design, and 5VIE Design Week is a clear testimony to this. During the event, eco-friendly solutions and practices that aim to reduce environmental impact and promote a more sustainable lifestyle will be presented. From the use of recycled and biodegradable materials to low-impact manufacturing techniques, sustainability is at the heart of many of the projects on display during the week.

The protagonists of 5VIE Design Week 2023

Like every year, the 5VIE program includes exhibitions and installations by international designers and companies. In keeping with the DNA of the area, the review is a journey through the most creative expressions of design, with forays into high craftsmanship and art, exploring the hidden courtyards and medieval streets, Roman ruins and sumptuous palaces that make up the heart of the 5VIE district

5VIE Design Week 2023 will feature some of the biggest names in international design, who will present their latest creations and share their vision of the future of the industry. These include established designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Ross Lovegrove andTokujin Yoshioka, as well as young emerging talents ready to impress with their innovative and original proposals.

5VIE is not only a design district, but also a cultural producer.

The productions represent moments of reflection on the state of the art of the discipline, in which artists, designers and curators are asked to explore an aspect of the theme established from time to time. This year 5VIE presents six productions in collaboration with international creatives, confirming already established collaborations and inaugurating new ones.

Among them we point out Richard Yasmine signs "Silent Hollows," at 5VIE Headquarters in the spaces of SIAM (Via Santa Marta, 18) presents an installation, enriched by an immersive Virtual Reality experience that will transport you through the emotional landscapes of human beings, reflected as in a mirror by the landscapes of Nature.

Richard Yasmine "Silent Hollows.

Not to be missed, also in the SIAM production 5vie, Human Mandala by designer Sara Ricciardi. The installation that celebrates the interconnections of bodies, inviting the viewer to reflect on this aspect.

Human Mandala by designer Sara Ricciardi

Also among the events of note is Prendete e Mangiate, a group exhibition curated by Sara Bologna dedicated to the table. Around a long table set with art and design objects, visitors are invited to exchange food and words, nourishment for body and mind.

Adam Knoche, from Take and Eat.

5vie's partnerships include "Ill at ease": a design and digital art experience on wheels

Aninteractive experience where design meets performance and digital,"Ill at ease," a design and digital art project of the traveling salon extravaganza on the streets of Milan. Thanks to the collaboration of renowned artists such as Ron Arad, Hermine Bourdin, Khaled El Mays and Six N. Five, you can immerse yourself in anunprecedented multisensory experience.

Each of these artists will star in one of the happening's stages, making a podcast each day from April 18-23
at a recording station set up on site. The extravagant living room of "ill at ease," made outdoors with iconic pieces by the artists involved, will be flanked by a high-tech van, which projects works onto the surrounding architecture and houses an immersive room inside. The living room of "ill at ease" - from the English - "restless at ease," will temporarily settle in a Milanese square or courtyard offering a unique, accessible and often unexpected experience not only for the Fuorisalone audience but also for the city. Opening the journey of "ill at ease" will be 5VIE, in the beautiful Piazza Tomasi of
Lampedusa, on April 18.

To see all performance dates and times, see the website .

The link between design and the city: the importance of the 5VIE district

Milan's 5VIE district has always been a landmark for design and creativity, and 5VIE Design Week celebrates its importance. Thanks to the event, the district is transformed into a true design hub, where streets, squares and exhibition spaces become the stage for exhibitions, installations and artistic performances. The link between design and the city is further strengthened, helping to consolidate Milan's position as an international design capital.

A week full of design, creativity and innovation

5VIE Design Week 2023 is an unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of design, art, architecture and innovation. Through exhibitions, displays, installations, workshops and conferences, you can discover the latest trends in style, technology, sustainability and materials.

A must-attend event for design enthusiasts

5VIE Design Week 2023 is an extraordinary opportunity for enthusiasts, professionals and the curious to explore the world of design amid creativity, innovation and sustainability. The event offers a wide variety of activities ranging from exhibitions and installations to workshops and lectures, allowing visitors to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary event that enlivens the heart of Milan and takes you on a discovery of the best in contemporary design, under the banner of creativity, innovation and sustainability.

5VIE Design Week

April 17-April 23, 2023

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