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3 Good reasons to start your art collection. Today

The most important rule for becoming an art collector is one, and it is very simple. Start buying art.

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October 15, 2022

If you are reading this article it is because you want to become an art collector or because the idea of becoming one has always fascinated you.

But I am sure you have thought at least once that you are not up to it, that you don't understand art or even that you don't have enough budget to be considered a real collector.

Don't worry, you're not the only one. 

In fact, many people think of collecting as something reserved for only a few. 

I bet you too have come to associate the figure of the collector with that of a middle-aged, rich, well-dressed gentleman who speaks in a know-it-all tone and uses incomprehensible terms, haven't you?

Well, it doesn't.

The myth of the rich and famous collector is an old and outdated cliché.

The most important rule for becoming an art collector is one, and it is very simple. 

Start buying art.

Onstream Gallery's mission is to create the next generation of collectors by giving them the opportunity to have fun while discovering new artists.

That's why, in this article, I want to tell you how you too can be an art collector and what are the good reasons to start doing so, today!

1. Collecting art for aesthetic or decorative reasons

Many people say that most people start collecting art for purely aesthetic reasons - I see a painting, I like it and I buy it. 

According to Hiscox, buying a work of art to furnish one's own home is in fact the most common motive among young collectors or so-called first time buyers.

In other words, almost everyone who buys an artwork for the first time does so in order to decorate their space with something unique and original. 

A great alternative to IKEA's mass-produced prints, right?

Moreover, furnishing your home with unique pieces of art is also a way to express yourself and your personality .

The art we choose to collect in fact tells our story, our experiences and, as the English would say, is also an excellent ice breaker .

You invite your friends to dinner and start telling the story of the time you saw that work, fell in love with it and decided that from that day on it should stay with you, in your home. 

2. Collecting art for investment

Many people buy a work by an emerging artist today, hoping that it will increase in value tomorrow.

Let's start by making one thing clear.

Art is a long-term investment.

Especially if we are talking about emerging art, the value of the work will increase with the fame of the artist. 

It takes years and, above all, it is not certain that all artists, and consequently their works, will increase in value. 

So, keep this in mind when buying a work for investment. 

At the same time, however, for a few hundred euros today you can buy a work that could be worth thousands tomorrow. 

If you want to buy art as an investment, I always advise you to rely on an expert.

You need a person who knows the art market well and who can follow you through every step of your purchase.

Onstream Gallery works with Art Advisors specialising in different market sectors and together we can help you in your search.

Write an email to and we will put you in touch with one of our experts right away. 

3. Collecting art to support artists

This is the human element of collecting: buying a work to support the artist's career .

The role of the collector in the art supply chain is an extremely important and above all very ancient one.

The history of patronage has very long roots. 

Many people have gone down in history as great patrons of the arts and it is thanks to them that we can now admire priceless masterpieces such as Botticelli's Venus or Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper.

Today as in the past, buying work from an artist at the beginning of his or her career means giving him or her the opportunity to live off his or her art.

Knowing that there is someone who sees potential in their work and decides to buy it is something that is priceless for artists, I can assure you.

Because above all this means growth.

You grow as a collector, he grows as an artist.

It's a win-win. 

Well, now that I have listed some of the good reasons to start an art collection and become a collector yourself, there is only one thing left for you to do.

Start looking for your new work of art .

And remember.

The first rule of being a collector is simple: buy art.

If you have any doubts or simply need advice, please write to me at or leave a comment on this article. 

I will try to help you as best I can!

I'll see you soon,


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