The artist who dreams of Pop Art and draws Manhattan. WARO's lines intersect to create parallel worlds made of floating cities and characters that draw from life.

WARO is a skilled and precise draughtsman, whose compulsive strokes create parallel worlds populated by extraterrestrials named YU. 

YU is the character that WARO imagines arriving on our Earth and coming into contact with our world through situations and locations that characterise modern-day consumerism. 

WARO's is not a denunciation, but an awareness: 'even from a distance we still managed to contaminate them', says the artist. Today these YUs worship a Nike shoe that becomes a sort of religious creed.

The iconic Who is real? inscription that we find in almost all of his most recent works confronts us with the fateful question: Who is real? Us or you?

If Waro used to design floating cities inspired by the lines of Manhattan skyscrapers, today, together with his YU, he unveils the interiors of these buildings. by going inside the houses of these cities.
Desperate House Life, is the new collection of WARO works.

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