by Alessandro D'Aquila

Alessandro D'Aquila, born in 1989, works by subtraction when he uses braille, a distinctive feature of each of his works.
But he also works by addition when he decides to go and act on objects by altering reality at will.

Through these gestures, Alex tries to provoke in the viewer a sense of bewilderment, forcing him to decipher what he sees according to a visual code that responds to completely foreign rules.

With the Ottometric Poetic Table, the series combining art, poetry and design, the artist pursues his research on the sense of loss and invites the viewer to stop, observe and reflect.

Drawing on the verses of the most famous poets in the history of Italian literature, the artist describes moods, moments and experiences of our times: "My plates are a mirror of reality. I take inspiration from the historical moments we live."

‍L'Infinito, is the third in Alex D'Aquila's 2023 series of Octometric Tables inspired by Giacomo Leopardi's poem of the same name.

In this work, too, the artist works by addition and subtraction, removing elements, interrupting them and inserting others.

"Il naufragar m'è dolce in questo mar," according to the artist perfectly describes the historical period we are living through: "a turbulent 2022, which has left us all somewhat at the mercy of the waves."

Staying true to Leopardi's original verses, the poem written on Alessandro D'Aquila's Octometric Table, breaks off, and gives way to braille, the hallmark of all his work.