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Matteo Capriotti

The artist who paints depth.

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October 15, 2022

Matteo Capriotti is the young artist from Abruzzo of Onstream Gallery who attends the Brera Academy, in the heart of Milan.

Matteo paints paintings on canvas with only one goal: to make the viewer be sucked into the depth of the pictorial surface.

But what does that mean exactly?

In 2019, the artist inaugurated his second solo exhibition, BÀTI, in which his artistic research took a real leap forward.

It is not simply an exercise in painting with different colour backgrounds, but rather the desire to make people immerse themselves in the depths of the canvas: expressing a fear and allowing others to immerse themselves in this fear is a two-way relationship in which the artist actually creates a bond with those on the other side.

Matteo Capriotti - Terraferma 1 (2019).

The fear of depth, Batophobia, is the driving force behind Matteo's artistic activity: this phase of his research finds its most complete expression in his words.

In my works I try to create colour.
I want my green to be greener, my blue to be bluer, my black to become blacker and blacker.
Acrylics, coloured pastes, charcoal powder help me to build the intensity of my colours.
I prepare my canvas with broad strokes and wait for that metaphase between dry and wet to occur: it is at that moment that I paint directly with my hands, only in this way can I create what I have in mind.

Matteo has spent the 2020s working on this concept, which, as he says, will always be part of his research, the basis from which to continue to create works of art that best represent him.

No less important, however, and indeed an element of great value, is his attention to the organization of a physical space to host his works and, above all, his artistic production.

Matteo has in fact set up his studio as a study, in which the love for collecting and for the history that his objects tell create a space with an eclectic style, in which oriental elements collide with the baroque, bordering on the maximalist style.

The creation of the works and the obsession with the care of a space in which the artist creates and recreates himself are two elements that might seem to be dissected from each other, but in reality they are the complete representation of Matteo Capriotti.

The artist in a corner of his studio

The artist, a great lover of detail, regularly visits the Antica Libreria Cascianelli, a jewel in the heart of Rome and chosen by Gucci as an iconic location for some of its campaigns.

Matteo Capriotti continues to experiment and move forward in his research, certainly at the beginning of a path that promises to be really good in terms of deepening and mixing styles and mediums.

To better observe the artist's works, visit the page dedicated to him, by clicking here.

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