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The Millennial Pink

When pink is gender-free.

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October 15, 2022

We've all heard of it and even those who don't remember the name couldn't help but see it.

Millennial is the defining pink of the past decade: it started showing off around 2012 as a delicate shade of Barbie pink and became a statement in 2016 when Pantone named it color of the year.

But let's go in order.

Some trace the advent of Millennial Pink back to Wes Anderson's iconic 2014 film "Grand Budapest Hotel," when Agatha and Zero are overwhelmed by boxes of candy pink, remember?

Grand Budapest Hotel

But the first glimpse was the iPhone 6S, when it burst onto the market in the rose gold version the must-have and unmissable one.

Although, back in the summer of 2014 Millennial Pink made its mark when India Mahdavi curated the redesign of London's Gallery Sketch restaurant, using it in subsequent years for the interiors of Red Valentino stores.

From there came pink hair and nail dyes. Pink hues were everywhere, from kitchenware, to wedding cakes, and even in the choice of wine, henceforth asked exclusively for "rosé".

The success of Rose Quartz is confirmed by Pantone, which in 2016 named it the colour of the year.

Millennial Pink definitively frees pink from the recurring connotation of being a "too feminine" and prissy color and becomes androgynous.
And for this reason it is perfect to represent that generation that recalls the no-gender aesthetic, and that scene in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby in which Di Caprio wears a fabulous pastel pink pinstripe suit.

"For the times we are living in, colours (as well as clothes) convey less and less precise identity characters: they are within reach of everyone and for everyone, without necessarily having to convey a "definition"," writes Frieze.

Millennial Pink is beauty, it is the mirror of a generation that is angry but not too angry. Passionate, but not too much.

A color that still has something of the gray, but that looks to the future with confidence.

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