Matteo Capriotti

The paintings by Matteo Capriotti have a single, unique objective: to immerse the viewer in the depths of his emotions through the canvas.

Matteo Capriotti was born in Teramo in 1996 and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera.

If you ask Matteo why he paints, he replies that he wants to immerse the spectator in the depth of the colour, to insert him in his own emotional abysses, in the depth of his fears.

It is precisely the fear of depth, especially that of the sea, that evokes in Matteo the need to express himself through the creative act. A creative act that does not want to exorcise the fear itself but, on the contrary, to share with the spectator an emotional state as strong as it is alienating.

It is enough to think that the backgrounds of colour, of an intense blue and other primary colours, are not spread only with the brush: Matteo Capriotti in fact, after having prepared the canvas and spread the colours on it, waits for a precise moment to return further on the pictorial surface.

It is the moment when dry and wet merge and the artist decides to use only and exclusively his hands, to sink them and knead them in the depth of his work and therefore of his emotion.

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